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What is Karma

Karma (KARM), formerly Karmacoin, is a digital cryptocurrency based on the X11 algorithm. Like the philosophy behind the name, Karma stands for everyone reaping the results of his/her actions. By supporting good causes and helping others through Karma, Karma developers aim to make it the primary digital currency for rewarding good deeds and spreading good karma.
In a way, Karma is a new way to "Like" your family, friends, organizations, causes, and others. You can think of it as an actual token of appreciation. The goal of Karma is to become the global "currency with a heart". Karma can be used for tipping, donating, buying, or micro financing; it enables users to send small amounts of money to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, charities, and other causes for the good things they do.
amazing, good, community driven Karma.

since Feb. 2014

(PoW) X11

0% Fee

Open Source

Karma X11 What?

Karma, what?



Power Cost


Karma is a peer-to-peer Internet digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world. It was Hard forked in 2014 to the chained proof-of-work (PoW) X11 algorithm. The X11 algorithm uses multiple rounds of 11 different hashes (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo), thus making it one of the safest and more sophisticated cryptographic hashes in use by modern cryptocurrencies.

The X11 Algorithm gives amazingly fast hashes for both GPU’s and CPU’s. It also keeps GPU’s over 30% cooler making your expensive graphic cards less prone to overheating. The reason? Graphic cards don’t require as much processing power in order to mine the coins with this algorithm.

The algorithm uses eleven hashing functions from the Blake algorithm to the Keccak algorithm making it very secure which really is needed for coins that do so well for CPU’s
Due to how effective it is, graphic cards do not require that much power in order to mine it. Therefore, you will see significantly lower electricity costs at the end of the month. This makes coins running this algorithm to be a favorite in places where electricity costs are far from bearable.
Being more complicated than a SHA​256 ASIC implementation, the use of X11 will prevent the use of ASIC miners in the short­​ term to mid​­term future. It will also allow for a longer period of mining for CPU/GPU users

Karma Nibbles

01 Karma is Community Driven and as such Karma is for everyone. Spread it and live our Motto - Doing Good is Good. Send Karma to your friends and Family or give it away for a good Cause.

02 We try Constant to improve and extend out services. Check our Forum for the latest news and development. Soon you will be able to make use of the Karma API that can be used to easy interface with your website or Game.

03 You can use the Karma Explorer original provided by the awesome work of our fellow Karmanian @socoban

04 In 2015 we will introduce the Karma Tipping Bot, you will be able to spread Karma throughout all Social Media Channels.

05 If you have a good idea and want to be part of our Karma Community come and speak to us, join us, and embrace Karma.

06 New Karma Wallet is currently under development and should be coming out in Q1 2015